Passionate pragmatists with vision

Makers by nature, Evluma co-founders John Renn and Will Reed are engineering entrepreneurs by craft. A background as one of the leading manufacturers of LED photo-finishing equipment affords Evluma a refreshing point-of-view about lighting technology. It’s not about making it cheaper.

It’s about making it better and taking the time to do it right

Customers appreciate equipment that’s well built and durable. Which is why Evluma has always been committed to matching the luminaire to the longevity of the LED’s.

Sure, LEDs last a lot longer than their HPS counterparts in the utility lighting sector where Evluma first entered the luminaire market, but the entire luminaire needed to last longer, operate efficiently and be more robust. As a result, the AreaMax is recognized as Utility-Grade. In our fast-paced world there is a need to constantly evolve and adapt to support ever changing needs, even in lighting technology. So, we’re always working to develop new and improved LED technologies that are built to last.

"We Wouldn’t Be Where We Are Today Without Our Collaborative Relationship With Our Customers. They Drive The Need Forward."

The beauty of Evluma products is their endurance. Making things work well is what we do best. Technology has the potential to help create as well as replace and retrofit what already exists. The OmniMax is a wonderful example of reusability through the implementation of ground-breaking, novel ideas and design. Because it offers municipalities a way to retrofit LED technology into existing luminaires, preserving the original aesthetic.

It’s often the little things that make the biggest difference

Things like using a glass refractor instead of plastic, which shines better and lasts longer, smart technologies like Photocontrol FailSafe™ or communications systems like ConnectLED™. Our unique approach reduces asset maintenance and increases efficiency. Plus, we test each and every product before it leaves our plant to ensure it’s in top operating order.

As engineers, we’re simply not in the business of leaving things to chance

Are we the biggest LED utility light and LED street lighting manufacturer out there? Not by a long shot. Our approach to solving problems and making our products easier to use and better overall is our point of pride. It’s also made us very successful. So, while Evluma products are not always the cheapest on the market, they are undoubtedly the most cost effective over the long term.

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