AreaMax Highlights – Signature Light-Weight Housing

What’s new about the updated AreaMax? We’ve developed a set of blog posts that we hope you will find to be a handy reference.


First launched in 2012, the AreaMax has always looked different from other LED luminaires. As the LED market swelled with bare-metal, sharp-angled and homogeneously-styled luminaires, our engineers struck out on their own. The AreaMax’s light-weight casting, with its deep heatsinking fins that maximize cooling, is as signature as its surge protection. Its round, friendly shape makes it easy to handle. Its profile, even at a distance, is recognizable. Since its initial release the AreaMax has become “The Light of the Country.”

Evluma is frequently complimented on the AreaMax’s sealed design. When interviewed for a 2017 case study Amy Sawyer, Project Coordinator, Engineering & Operations at Pend Oreille County PUD, told us, “Linemen love that the fixture is sealed. No bees can get into it. It seems like a silly problem, but when you’re approaching a light and there is a beehive inside of it, and you can’t see it until you’re touching it? It’s a big deal.”

In 2014 Evluma launched an integrated photocontrol option for the AreaMax. With one less part to stock and install, the AreaMax’s popularity with installers shot forward. The FM 4473 certified photocontrol is one of the most robust on the market, but if you want to reuse your old photocontrol that’s fine as well. Photocontrol Failsafe has you covered either way.

With the 2018-2019 updates you’ll find we’ve left all these qualities and features intact, but there are a couple of small changes… because you asked for them! We’ve updated the light trespass shield. The updated AreaMax (model AX in the catalog) has four new tapped bosses to accommodate the new light shield. The AreaMax also has a new grommet solution that accommodates a no-pigtail option.

AreaMax is also available in multiple color options including black, green and bronze which is growing in popularity. Reach out to any one of our knowledgeable Representatives, Distributors or Sales Directors to find out more!

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