Evluma Debuts AreaMax with ConnectLED: Affordable Bluetooth Controllable LED Area Lighting

Seattle – March 6, 2012. The AreaMax, Evluma’s premier LED luminaire for security and area lighting, will debut at TechAdvantage 2012. Affordable and easy to install, the low profile 40W AreaMax features ConnectLED Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) remote capabilities. Remotely enable or disable power to the luminaire from up to 150′ away with a hand held device or Evluma’s custom designed key fob controller. The AreaMax debuts at TechAdvantage, San Diego, CA March 6-9, 2012 in Service Concepts Booth # 1331.

The AreaMax is designed for new installations, or where retrofitting existing 100W-175W HID fixtures may not be the preferred option. “We’ve received a great deal of feedback over the years as to what our utility and co-op customers are looking for in a new luminaire. An affordable, easy to install fixture, with comparable lumen output was at the top of the list,” said David Tanonis, VP of Sales and Marketing at Evluma. The AreaMax slides onto the existing pole arm typically used by NEMA Type V dusk-till-dawn fixtures and is compatible with NEMA standard twist-lock photocells and the new wireless photocells recently released onto the market. The AreaMax also features a replaceable high capability surge protection module for 20kV/10kA. An expected output of 3000 lumens will be confirmed once final certification testing is completed next month, says the company.

“As we test the new AreaMax and the new ConnectLED remote interface, we expect to fine tune features according to customer preference,” said Keith Miller, President and CEO of Evluma. Prototypes are currently being tested with three different illumination patterns including a full cut off version. Stop by the Service Concepts booth for a complete demonstration.

“The years of value engineering that we’ve put into our Clearlight line, plus a recent drop in LED prices helped us to create a robust, utility-compatible design that can be priced affordably,” says Mr. Miller. Pilot tests will be underway during Q2 with an anticipated formal release for the AreaMax sometime this summer, says the company.

About Evluma
Evluma is a division of Express Imaging Systems, LLC a small business with over 150 years of combined experience developing lighting applications for photographic equipment and the photofinishing industry. Formed in 2008, Evluma is committed to developing environmentally low impact SSL lighting solutions that are affordable and long lasting.

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