Evluma Introduces Type III AreaMaxTM for LED Residential Street Lighting

Renton, WA…January 19, 2016. Evluma announces the release of a Type III AreaMax™, adding to the technologically innovative and award-winning AreaMax product line of outdoor LED luminaires for street and area lighting. The 70W LED Type III luminaire is recommended to replace 100-200W HID pole-mounted lights. Launching at TechAdvantage Conference and Expo in New Orleans, Feb 15-17, the Type III AreaMax is currently undergoing field trials with a release date of March 2016.

Robust 20kV/10Ka surge protection, Evluma’s propriety Class II driver and Photocontrol Failsafe™ are standard to every AreaMax ensuring years of sustainable, low-maintenance lighting. “The AreaMax has the lowest cost of ownership of any LED area light,” stated David Tanonis, VP of Sales and Marketing at Evluma. Wirelessly connect/disconnect, dim and query all AreaMax LED lights with ConnectLED™ a Bluetooth application for Android tablet and Windows laptops. With the latest in high-efficiency LEDs and cutting-edge thermal management, the AreaMax is also UL Listed.

Until now the AreaMax has only been offered in a Type V light distribution. “The Type III distribution is aimed to work with the existing Type V distribution as utilities implement rural and residential roadway LED lighting solutions on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis.” Type III is a lighting distribution type recommended for medium-width roadways, or areas where a large light pattern on the ground is preferred.

Put the Light of the Country to work for you and order a comprehensive AreaMax LED neighborhood lighting package at TechAdvantage.

About Evluma
Formed in 2008, Evluma is committed to developing affordable, long-lasting and environmentally low-impact LED lighting solutions that fundamentally change the landscape of the outdoor utility lighting market. Evluma’s high standard of customer service and background in innovative lighting technologies, automation and software design creatively ideate and inform it’s Made in Washington products.

AreaMax is a recognized winner of the 2013 NGL Outdoor Solid-State Lighting Design Competition in the Local Residential Roadway Category.

About TechAdvantage

February 15-17, 2016, New Orleans, LA. TechAdvantage is at the forefront of innovation, delivering critical technologies that are transforming the world of engineering, information technology, energy services, operations, supply management and business. More than networking, TechAdvantage delivers real tools and knowledge that empower attendees to build successful co-ops in today’s competitive energy marketplace.

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