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Have You Seen Our New Website?

At Evluma, we are always staying ahead of the curve. That philosophy can be seen in all that we do! In April, we launched our new website. It contains important information about what we do, who we are, and how we can help customers, distributors and everyone in between. If you haven’t been to the new site, be sure to take a peek. Spend some time. You are welcome here!
Visit Our Website

OmniMax™ LED Lamp Changes the Look of LED

omnimaxEvluma is now taking orders for the new OmniMax LED retrofit lamp! This revolutionary new lamp emulates the light center and size of HID bulbs used in decorative and shoebox style light fixtures.

Dramatically smaller than typical ‘corn cob’ style retrofits, this omnidirectional lamp is offered in multiple color temperatures for a historic or contemporary look and is recommended to replace up to 175W HID. The OmniMax uses the same robust driver technology as the AreaMax and comes with Photocontrol Failsafe™ and ConnectLED™ connectivity built-in. LM-79 test results are now posted on our website.

Evluma is offering a trial 3 x 3 package (buy 3, get 3 free) for customers new to the OmniMax. Contact your distributor or an Evluma Regional Sales Manager for more information on this introductory package today!

AreaMax™ for Neighborhood Lighting – Type III

Put The Light of the Country to work for you with an AreaMax neighborhood lighting package. Evluma is now taking orders for its new Type III AreaMax.

Type III is a lighting distribution type recommended for medium-width roadways and is slightly more oval in shape compared to the circular Type V. The 70W LED Type III luminaire is recommended to replace 100-200W HID pole-mounted lights. The test data for this new product is now posted on our website.

Contact your distributor or an Evluma Regional Sales Manager to discover how the AreaMax offers the lowest cost of ownership for street and area lighting applications.

Welcome New Inside Sales Engineer Rich Glade

rich gladePlease join us in welcoming Inside Sales Engineer Rich Glade to our growing ranks of knowledgeable sales and service personnel!

“I grew up in Vermont and since then I’ve lived in Colorado, Oregon, and California. I moved to the Seattle area with my better half, Carrie, in July 2015. I have degrees in Marketing and Engineering and direct sales experience working for a few solar companies in California including SolarCity. I enjoy just about all outdoor activities and I’m an avid skier. This year I volunteered as an instructor for the Outdoors for All adaptive ski program and I worked for the Adaptive Ski Center in Crested Butte, CO.

I am here to support the sales team in any way I can during this exciting time of growth for EVLUMA! You can contact me at [email protected].

AreaMax™ Installation Instructions

Ever wonder how easy it is to install an AreaMax? If you’ve order an AreaMax with our integrated photocontrol you’ve discovered it’s as easy as “plug-and- play”! But we sometimes get questions about how to test the photocontrol. Did you know that with new sensor technologies the ‘glove test’ may no longer be required? The Evluma integrated photocontrol doesn’t require a functional test once the flash indication has been verified. Check out our updated instructions here.

Upcoming Shows

TMEPA Annual Meeting – July 13-15, 2016

Join us in Nashville, TN July 13-15 Link to the Show

CAMU Annual Conference – July 13-14, 2016

Join us in Aspen, CO July 13-14! Link to the Show

ICUA Annual Meeting – July 20-22, 2016

Join us in Boise, ID July 20-22! Link to the Show

ALEC Annual Meeting – July 24-26, 2016

Join us in Baton Rouge, LA July 24-26! Link to the Show

TECA E & O – July 27-29, 2016

Join us in Muscle Shoals, AL July 27-29! Link to the Show

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