Evluma Offers 10 Year Warranty on AreaMax LED Lights, a New Utility Standard

Seattle – March 1, 2014. Evluma introduces a 10 year warranty on its entire energy-efficient AreaMax™ LED lighting product line. The new warranty is based on over five years of field experience and a 25,000 plus installed base in area and security lighting applications.

“Evluma’s long term commitment to quality and customer service has accelerated the AreaMax’s adoption as the Utility Standard in area and security lighting,” says Keith Miller, President and CEO of Evluma. “Offering a 10 year warranty is an extension of this commitment not only to our customers, but to the members that they serve. Every utility should expect it.” Carefully selected long life components, extremely efficient thermal design and the highest level of surge protection at 20kV combine to create this robust fixture. The glass refractor will never yellow, or fail due to UV exposure.

More than the sum of its parts, each AreaMax also comes with Photocontrol Failsafe™ technology built in. This revolutionary new technology takes over should the photocontrol ever fail, eliminating additional maintenance calls. Downstream from the 20kV surge protection, photocontrols experience long life when used with an AreaMax. “Expensive photocontrols are often a hidden cost of a new LED fixture,” says David Tanonis, VP of Sales and Marketing at Evluma. “With the AreaMax the photocontrol is only used as a sensor, not as a method of switching the mains. This allows utilities to salvage the existing photocontrol or purchase a low cost new one.” Users of ConnectLED™ can take advantage of AreaMax FaultCast™ technology, released with the 70W AreaMax at the end of 2013, to receive status updates on the condition of a fixture during daytime, further reducing troubleshooting and maintenance efforts.

Starting in March 2014, the new 10 year warranty covers any defect in materials, or workmanship and provides full replacement within the warranty period. Often confused with lifetime, Evluma published an increase in the AreaMax L70 from 70,000 hours to 100,000 hours in early 2013. L70 is the time in hours it takes to reach 70% lumen maintenance.

About Evluma
Formed in 2008, Evluma is committed to developing environmentally low impact LED lighting solutions that are affordable and long lasting. Evluma’s high standard of customer service enables a constant feedback stream to their Seattle, Washington Manufacturing and Research Facility to create products that meet the needs of the utilities and contractors they work with every day.

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