Evluma Welcomes New Product Manager & Regional Sales Director

Industry Leader Strengthens Company Resources

October 4, 2016. Renton, WA…Evluma (www.evluma.com) announces the promotion of Regional Sales Manager Taisha Bezzo to the role of OmniMax Product Manager and the addition of Steve Mills as Sales Director – Western Region. In her new role, Taisha Bezzo will oversee the overall performance of the OmniMax™ product line, which will include the development of market strategies and new product promotions. Steve Mills comes to Evluma with a wealth of experience within the utilities industry, having recently filled the role of District Sales Manager with Carlson Sales and currently a sitting member of the Policy Sub-Committee for the NWPPA E&O’s conference committee. Prior to accepting his role with Carlson, Steve served as the Vice President of Sales for General Pacific. Steve’s immense product knowledge, sales leadership, and customer base are sure to help Evluma continue its growth as one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading LED illumination providers.

Taisha moves into the role of OmniMax Product Manager eager to introduce Evluma’s latest and most cutting-edge product to markets previously unexplored by Evluma. Taisha comments, “I’m really excited to introduce this new product where we take our current technology and incorporate it into a new product that will help to revolutionize the industry. OmniMax is different than anything currently in the market. We’re always thinking one step ahead and working with our customers to create a light that meets their needs.” Listening to our customers’ needs is why Evluma includes a 10-year warranty with our OmniMax system, and our product features really stand behind it. We have test data that shows our products are extremely reliable. Our confidence in our design translates to a strong warranty,” says Taisha.

Steve was interested in accepting his new position with Evluma thanks in part to the opportunity to work with an exceptional team and advanced products. “I think highly of the staff; they have their priorities in the right spot. The products are also of the highest quality, very cutting edge and very exciting to work with.” In regards to Evluma’s place in the industry, Steve remarked, “They really are industry leaders, and I think the potential for growth is exceptional. The quality of the products and the people are the highest level; it’s really exciting to be a part of the growth the company. It’s really nice to go out and sell a product you can feel proud of. I like that and want to be a part of that.”

About Evluma
Makers by nature, Evluma co-founders John Renn and Will Reed are engineering entrepreneurs by craft. A background as one of the leading manufacturers of LED photo-finishing equipment affords Evluma a refreshing point of view about lighting technology. It’s not about making it cheaper. It’s about making it better and taking the time to do it right. Evluma’s products are Made in Washington.

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