Express Imaging Systems to Form SSL Lighting Company, Evluma

Seattle – May 1, 2008. Express Imaging Systems, LLC (EIS), a leader in high speed digital photofinishing solutions, announced the formation of Evluma, a division devoted to the research and development of environmentally low impact SSL lighting products.

EIS has worked with LED light sources in the photographic field since 1995. “Our experience designing products that use LEDs gives us insight into how to develop reliable solid state lighting products for the commercial and retail markets,” says Keith Miller, President and CEO of EIS. We have been tackling the issue of LED thermal control and longevity, issues of extreme importance to the SSL industry, for years and know how to maximize performance.” The Europa printer, one of EIS’s latest product offerings, uses a custom designed light engine with 2,379 LEDs.

EIS says it has always had an underlying environmental message in their product design, from high speed digital printers that consume less power than the competition, to offering upgrade kits and refurbished parts for paper cutters and film scanners that reduce material waste and capital cost to the customer. “Evluma’s environmental consciousness builds on this history and comes from a concerned effort to conserve energy and reduce waste,” says Cathleen Shattuck, Creative Director at EIS. “We look forward to demonstrating what our engineers can achieve in the SSL arena.”

About Evluma
Evluma is a division of Express Imaging Systems, LLC a company with over 150 years of combined experience developing lighting applications for photographic equipment and the photofinishing industry. Formed in 2008, Evluma is committed to developing environmentally low impact lighting solutions that are affordable and long lasting.

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