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Co-ops can swiftly realize the benefits of LED security lighting when streamlined financing is matched with utility-grade lighting solutions.

Evluma and Ameresco have teamed up to create a turnkey lighting solution to assist electric cooperatives swiftly realize the benefits of LED security lighting.

With no upfront cost and no payment due until after the project is completed, co-ops begin banking energy savings immediately. Turnkey programs have streamlined streetlight conversions across the country. Now security lighting programs can also benefit from this proven approach.

Why switch security lights to LED?


  • Co-ops pay twice for every HID light in operation; first for the high cost to maintain it and second for the energy savings lost by not converting to LED.  With LED security lights co-ops get:
  • Reduced energy use (60-70% reduction)
  • Reduced maintenance costs (eliminates truck rolls for failed lamps, ballasts, etc.)
  • Reduced outages (better customer service)
  • Improved illumination (better CRI and distribution, instant on, dark sky compliance)

Why change all lights at once versus incrementally over time?


  • Achieve member service, illumination benefits, and savings more quickly
  • Lower overall conversion cost by reducing lost energy & maintenance savings
  • Give all members the benefits of LED lighting more rapidly

Why work with Ameresco?

  • Ameresco has converted more than a half million streetlights to LED technology, most with modern networked controls. Turn old lights into new savings.
  • Most cost-effective approach: audit, design, material, installation, recycling under one contract
  • Design expertise ensures the correct AreaMax in each location
  • Safe, professional, local installation with no impact to ongoing utility operations
  • Low-cost financing available for rapid project implementation
  • Access to wireless control options for when ‘someday’ becomes ‘tomorrow’
  • Link to Ameresco: www.ameresco.com.
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