Montana School Science Fair Project Wins Award, Proves LED AreaMax Energy Efficient Victor Over HID

Seattle – April 30, 2014. Sixth grade student Kyzer Bair of Townsend K-12 Schools won a blue ribbon, a gold medal and “Most Outstanding Project in Electrical Engineering” at a Butte, MT Regional Science Fair for his project “L.E.D. For You and Me.” The project compared the energy consumption of the Evluma 40W Area, an LED area light, against a 100W HPS light. Evluma donated the AreaMax to the project after being approached by Kyzer and his family in December of 2013. According to Kyzer’s experiment “the LED AreaMax yard light consumed approximately 1/3 the amount of energy that the HPS yard light consumed.” Kyzer went on to win a Third Place award from the Montana Energy Education Council & NorthWestern Energy at the 2014 Montana State Science Fair, March 17-18th.

Kyzer and his family saw an ad for the Evluma AreaMax in an issue of RE Magazine, a publication of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association . They contacted Evluma Creative Director Cathleen Shattuck to see if they could obtain more information about the light. When told about the project, Evluma agreed to donate a 40W LED AreaMax. Vigilante Electric Cooperative, Dillon, MT provided the HPS light, a Kill A Watt meter and permitted use of tools and shop space to assemble the project. Kyzer competed in his local Science Fair on February 25, 2014. Placing in the top seven for his grade he was advanced to the Regional Science Fair where he won the aforementioned awards before again advancing to the Montana State Science Fair competition.

The AreaMax LED light won a 2013 Recognized NGL Award for Local and Residential Street Lighting. With record breaking sales at the start of 2014, the AreaMax is rapidly becoming known as the Utility Standard in LED area lighting, says the company. The AreaMax is available in both 40W and 70W models and is recommended as an alternative to legacy HID lights from 75-200W. All AreaMax LED lights come with the exclusive patented Photocontrol Failsafe Mode built-in, eliminating the need to replace a photocontrol should it fail. Elvuma was excited to support student scientist and engineer Kyzer Bair and agrees that using LED lighting results “in money saved for the consumer and energy conserved for our planet.”

About Evluma
Formed in 2008, Evluma is committed to developing environmentally low impact LED lighting solutions that are affordable and long lasting. Evluma’s high standard of customer service enables a constant feedback stream to their Seattle, Washington Manufacturing and Research Facility to create products that meet the needs of the utilities and contractors they work with every day.

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