AreaMax™ LED Area Light - The Utility Standard

AreaMax LED luminaires save maintenance, save energy and save time making it the lowest cost of ownership LED area light on the market.

Recommended Use

Replace 100-200W HID fixtures with either a 40W or 70W AreaMax in your choice of light pattern: Type V or Type III. Use for area and security lighting applications, residential street lighting, and parking lots.

Photocontrol Failsafe™

Evluma innovation solves photocontrol failures with Photocontrol Failsafe. Each AreaMax leave the factory programmed for the general location of the end user. Over time, the input from the photocontrol calibrates the AreaMax to its unique location and lighting conditions. Should the photocontrol fail, the AreaMax will continue to cycle based on the information it has collected eliminating a maintenance visit and guaranteeing continuous operation.

Photocontrol Option

Order with an Evluma integrated photocontrol for a single-solution, easy installation or S3 to reuse your existing 3 pin photocontrol. S7, the 7 pin socket option, supports 0-10V dimming and the power and voltage monitoring features of most wireless controls nodes. (see brochure for complete catalog)

Model Overview

AM403K, 4K, 5KVDome or FlatIntegrated, 3 pin, 7 pin
AM703K, 4K, 5KVDome or FlatIntegrated, 3 pin, 7 pin
AM553K, 4K, 5KVDome or FlatIntegrated, 3 pin, 7 pin
AM403K, 4K, 5KIIIDome or FlatIntegrated, 3 pin, 7 pin
AM703K, 4K, 5KIIIDome or FlatIntegrated, 3 pin, 7 pin

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