ConnectLED Best Practice

Evluma occasionally issues updates for the ConnectLED Android, Windows (PC) and iOS apps. If you are experiencing an issue with ConnectLED please confirm that you are running the latest version of the app before trying again. The latest version of the app can be found on Google Play (for Android) or the Apple App Store (for iOS).

ConnectLED Windows (PC) can be downloaded directly here.

A Username and Password is required to run ConnectLED.ConnectLED Windows (PC) also requires a dongle for operation.

My AREAMAX™ or OMNIMAX™ is flashing. What does this mean?

  • When an Evluma lamp is first powered on it will flash to indicate the mode that it is in.
  • Flashes 1x - The lamp is in Failsafe Mode.
  • Flashes 2x - Photocontrol Failsafe has been turned OFF.
  • Flashes 6x - When you connect to an Evluma lamp with ConnectLED™, it will flash 6x to confirm that you have connected to the lamp.
  • Flashes 3x + 1 - You have successfully disconnected the lamp from service using ConnectLED™. The lamp will remain off at all times.
  • Flashes 20x - The lamp time has not been set. Please set the time using ConnectLED™.


  • Failsafe Mode – Photocontrol Failsafe™ is activated and the Evlulma lamp is collecting dusk-till-dawn transition events from the photocontrol. If the photocontrol should fail, Photocontrol Failsafe™ will take control of the light. Please see Technical Bulletin.
  • Photocontrol Failsafe™ OFF -  Photocontrol Failsafe has been deactivated. The AreaMax is collecting dusk-till-dawn transition events from the photocontrol. If the photocontrol should fail the light will remain in the failed condition. Typically, a photocontrol fails in the ‘on’ position.
I have just disconnected the AreaMax from service using ConnectLED. Why is it flashing?

Disconnecting the AreaMax from service using ConnectLED will cause the AreaMax to flash 3x plus 1 quick flash. This provides you with a final confirmation that the AreaMax has received the disconnect command and will no longer come on at dusk.

I have disconnected the AreaMax from service. Is it still drawing power?

Once disconnected from service the AreaMax continues to draw a very small amount of power. Just enough power is drawn to run the BLE connection and the photocontrol. In the case of an AreaMax with an integrated evluma photocontrol this is approximately 1W. If the AreaMax is using a generic, off-the shelf photocontrol the drawn can be up to 6W.

I have just installed an AreaMax using ConnectLED. It is connected, but it is daytime. Why is it still on?

The AreaMax will remain on for 10 minutes after you have connected it to service with ConnectLED. If it is daytime, the AreaMax will turn off when this 10 minutes is over. If it is nighttime, the AreaMax will remain on and function normally.

There is no photocontrol installed on my AreaMax. Shouldn’t it have a message in the ConnectLED Find Lamps screen?

Sensor failure is not immediately reported on a new AreaMax with no photocontrol installed. Photocontrol Failsafe will only declare the photocontrol (sensor) as failed if the lamp has not seen a change over 3 dawn to dusk events.

The AreaMax is on and doesn’t go off when I shine a light at the photocontrol. Why?

Shining a light at the sensor after sunset when the lamp is in Failsafe will not cause the light to go off. By design, this is a security feature of the light. Once sunset has happened, it will not be fooled by stray lighting.

I am reusing the old photocontrol from my HPS fixture for my brand new AreaMax. I would like to test the photocontrol to make sure it is working fine. Won’t Photocontrol Failsafe influence the behavior of the photocontrol?

A security feature of the AreaMax is that it will never turn off if it is nighttime. This security feature is disabled during the 15 days after installation to allow for photocontrol testing.

If your photocontrol should fail within the first 15 days and miss 3 dawn to dusk events, Photocontrol Failsafe will initialize and respond according to either

  1. the regional settings programmed at the factory or
  2. to the official sunrise and sunset times for that exact location if ‘Installed’ with ConnectLED. If the photocontrol should fail after the first 15 days, Photocontrol Failsafe will adjust for the unique environmental conditions surrounding the lamp. Likewise, if the lamp is displaced from its original programmed location, Photocontrol Failsafe will adjust the on/off response accordingly. Feel confident in the reuse of old photocontrols knowing you will have light at night regardless of when it might fail.
The photocontrol failed and the AreaMax is in Failsafe. What would happen if I were to change the photocontrol? Would that affect the ‘memory’ of what the fixture ‘learned’ the first time it was installed and connected? 

If a new photocontrol is installed, Failsafe begins updating again and will adopt any changes since the initial calibration.  This is true as long as the lamp isn’t shipped out of its district.

I moved my AreaMax to a new location. Do I need to update the location using ConnectLED?

If the move is within the same district, then there is no need to connect to it with the ConnectLED app to update the location. If the move is across state, then updating the location is a good idea.

The AreaMax will adapt its calibration continuously even if it is moved but updating the location in ConnectLED is the preferred method to quickly re-set the dusk-to-dawn times for the new location. Connecting to the lamp with ConnectLED updates both the time and the GPS settings used by Failsafe as the initial starting point for its calibration and triggers the reset. The time zone will need to be manually updated in the tablet SETTINGS if the lamp location moves to a new time zone.

Please note that the lamp will obtain the new GPS location from your Apple device, Windows laptop or Android tablet. It is recommended that you confirm that this information is correct prior to connecting to a lamp.

When I perform the “glove test” after installation, I’ve noticed a delay in the photocontrol energizing the AreaMax. Is this normal? My photocontrol looks different than it used to.

It is not necessary to perform a “glove test” on AreaMax models with the integrated photocontrol. If this is the preferred method of testing, please allow up to two minutes for the photocontrol to energize the light.

At installation, every model of the AreaMax will flash. This flash indicates that the AreaMax is functioning properly and the mode that it is in. See also, My AreaMax or OmniMax is flashing. What does this mean? A red LED light located at the edge of the white internal reflector also serves to indicate that the AreaMax is connected to power. The red LED light might be hard to see in bright sunlight.

Response times during the installation testing of all market available photocontrols vary based on pre-installation lighting conditions. For most photocontrols, a capacitor stores light energy as a safety precaution against rapid changes in lighting, such as clouds passing or headlights. This maintains the consistent, safe operation of the luminaire.

On 9/1/2015 Evluma started shipping AreaMax with a newly designed integrated photocontrol. Usually, our design improvements are “under the hood,” but in the case of the photocontrol with its thick, UV-resistant transparent polycarbonate you can “see” this change.

I have an AreaMax lighting a corner bus stop.  We just switched over to standard time from daylight savings time.  Will my bus stop be in the dark at the end of day?

No. The AreaMax runs on UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

"Coordinated Universal Time (French: temps universel coordonné), abbreviated as UTC, is the primary time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time. It is, within about 1 second, mean solar time at 0° longitude, [1]it does not observe daylight saving time." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coordinated_Universal_Time

The time zone settings define local solar time, placing noon when the sun is highest overhead.  Daylight savings time is an artificial adjustment, unrelated to the sun’s exact cycle that shifts hours of daylight later into the evening.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daylight_saving_time

What is the DST setting in ConnectLED for?

It is set to “Yes” if your local region observes daylight savings time.  It is used to adjust scheduled dimming events so that they follow local observed time. Note that your time zone does NOT change with daylight savings time. This setting applies the adjusted time only when DST is in effect.

How tight should I tighten the bolts when securing an AreaMax onto a mounting arm?

Please fasten the bolts securely - 75 in-lbs. After the bolt has seated, make another ¼ turn to secure it. Do not over-tighten. Use of an impact wrench is not recommended.

I just purchased a Site License for ConnectLED and told that it did not expire. Why then, when I log on, does it show that is has a one-year expiration date? What happens at the end of a year?

For security reasons, a site license is activated for one year. At the beginning of the month in which it is due to expire, your status is reported to our ConnectLED Administrator and the account will be updated and renewed for another year. This allows us to perform any necessary updates as well as check to see if you have any questions about your account

How are ConnectLED updates handled for the different operating platforms?

Both the Android and iOS apps are managed through the Google Play store or through the Apple App store respectively. Part of the function of the store is to push notifications to your device when there is an update. Depending on your device settings they can be automatic or require your approval.

Windows updates are managed through the ConnectLED Administrator Portal (CAP). Evluma will send an email via the CAP to all ConnectLED Windows Admins notifying them of the update plus a secure link to download it from. Installation instructions will be provided.

If power to the lamp is lost for whatever reason, will the lamp lose programming?

After power comes on, the lamp retains its programming and status and state.

Do the lamps keep a log of changes made/who made the change using ConnectLED?

Every change made to a lamp is recorded in the Event Log. A record of the user license and the last 3 octets of the connecting device’s MAC address is also included in the Event Log.

I have a BLE Remote (clicker). I think it came with our first AreaMax order. It is not working with my AreaMax, what is wrong?

From 2012 to 2015 Evluma offered a Bluetooth Key Fob Remote (clicker) to owners of the AreaMax LED luminaire. This remote allowed AreaMax owners to disconnect or connect the luminaire from service from a distance. Evluma stopped shipping this product at the end of 2015. See EOL Evluma AreaMax BLE. Evluma’s enhancements to the built-in Bluetooth technology mean that AreaMax shipped on or after 03/19/2018 will not respond to the Remote. This change was phased in after SN 10000341797.

I would like to install an OmniMax in a decorative fixture, but I do not wish to wire around the ballast. How will this affect the OmniMax?

The OmniMax is a self-ballasted device. If the ballast is left in, it will continue to draw power, but there will be no adverse effects on the OmniMax.

As a best practice Evluma recommends wiring around the legacy ballast. OmniMax is approved as a retrofit in UL1598 fixtures through UL1598C when installed properly bypassing the legacy ballast.  In general, installing any retrofit into an approved UL1598 fixture will void the UL certification unless the retrofit itself is approved as UL1598 or UL1598C.  Many corncob retrofits do not have these certifications and can present a safety hazard due to overheating. 

I am on a street with many OmniMax, they are all close together, sometimes more than one on a pole. How can I tell which lamp I’m connecting to when using ConnectLED?

When you are installing an OmniMax you have the option to add a lamp name. This lamp name could be a pole number, street address or describe the lamp position. If you take this step you can tell the first time you attempt to find lamps if any lamp in range has an error condition just from the preliminary scan.

The shape of the metal fixture can influence the direction of the Bluetooth signal. You may need to adjust your location one or two feet to the side and search for lamps again. If you have several lamps in the area, hitting refresh several times may help. Each time you refresh adds a second to the scan time allowing for more information to be gathered. When the check mark appears in the list upon lamp selection (iOS and Windows versions) the lamp you are connecting to should be flashing. 

I am programming a group of AreaMax one at a time with a dimming schedule prior to installing them in the field. After I’m done programming a lamp, I power it off so that I can program the next one. I read that Evluma lamps don’t lose their programming if they lose power, but when I power one of my programmed AreaMax back on the dimming schedule hasn’t been saved. I am using ConnectLED iOS v1.1.

If a lamp (AreaMax or OmniMax) is powered off while connected via Bluetooth to ConnectLED, the changes made in that session are lost. The lamp does not save its programming into permanent memory while connected via Bluetooth. After programming, the lamp writes its changed parameters to permanent memory after Bluetooth is disconnected. To ensure the changes are saved in the lamp, return to the Home screen (PC), or the Find Lamps screen (Android), to disconnect from the lamp prior to removing power to the lamp.

ConnectLED iOS v1.1.1 can remember a Bluetooth connection for up to 5 minutes. After connecting to a lamp with ConnectLED and changing the programming, try turning the Bluetooth OFF and ON in the iPhone/iPad Settings. This will disconnect the connected lamp from Bluetooth and the lamp will get a chance to save the changes.

I have received a shipment of the newly updated 2019 AreaMax. When I connect to them using ConnectLED the app fails to find the lamps. Did something change?

All ConnectLED applications identify Evluma lamps with a unique service ID. A slight change in the service ID of the 2019 AreaMax means that older versions of ConnectLED iOS and Android will not detect a 2019 AreaMax. Updating the app will remove this issue.

ConnectLED iOS version 1.1.0, released on 2/5/2018, ConnectLED Android version 2.3.0, released on 03/02/2018 and ConnectLED Windows  v2.0.5, released on 12/05/2018, and up will work with all AreaMax shipped since 2014. Updates to the app were made in advance of the 2019 models shipping with the hope that users would not encounter this issue.

ConnectLED iOs updates are available through the Apple Store. Android updates are available through Google Play. If you are unsure which version of ConnectLED you are running or need assistance updating the application, please feel free to contact Customer Support at 425-336-5800.

Please also see, How are ConnectLED updates handled for the different operating platforms?

How does Photocontrol Failsafe operate when OmniMax are on a contactor?

If a contactor fails closed, light fixtures remain powered on. Typically, this would create a string of day- burners. For the OmniMax, when power comes on, Photocontrol Failsafe interprets this as if it were a sensor going to night. In this situation the contactor becomes the sensor. If the OmniMax is in Failsafe Mode (default setting) when the contactor fails closed, and the OmniMax remains on for a sunrise, Failsafe will take control and resume dusk-till-dawn operation.  Unlike the AreaMax, which always has a sensor, the OmniMax does not require two missed cycles before Photocontrol Failsafe takes over.

How does Photocontrol Failsafe operate when AreaMax are on a contactor?

The AreaMax is designed to operate under continuous power using a sensor. Over time the AreaMax refines dusk-till-dawn calculations based on historical information provided by a functioning sensor (minimum 15 days). After two missed events (sunrise/sunset), Failsafe will control the lamp on/off cycle.  So, in Failsafe mode (default setting), the AreaMax has a second layer of redundancy for a failed sensor.

An AreaMax can be run on a contactor one of two ways, with a sensor, or without a sensor (shorting cap installed). If the contactor fails, typically closed (on), the sensor will take over operation. When a sensor is present, a history of dusk-till-dawn transitions for that location will also be present. Should the sensor fail as well as the contactor, Failsafe will take over.

If the AreaMax has a shorting plug and the contactor fails closed (on), Failsafe will take over. However, without a sensor, the AreaMax will not have had the ability to create a history of dusk-till-dawn transitions for that location. For best results, if an AreaMax is being run on a contactor and has a shorting plug installed, the precise location should be set using ConnectLED.