My AREAMAX™ or OMNIMAX™ is flashing. What does this mean?

  • When an Evluma lamp is first powered on it will flash to indicate the mode that it is in.
  • Flashes 1x - The lamp is in Failsafe Mode.
  • Flashes 2x - The lamp is in Classic Mode.
  • Flashes 6x - When you connect to an Evluma lamp with ConnectLED™, it will flash 6x to confirm that you have connected to the lamp.
  • Flashes 3x + 1 - You have successfully disconnected the lamp from service using ConnectLED™. The lamp will remain off at all times.
  • Flashes 20x - The lamp time has not been set. Please set the time using ConnectLED™.


  • Failsafe Mode – Photocontrol Failsafe™ is activated and the Evlulma lamp is collecting dusk-till-dawn transition events from the photocontrol. If the photocontrol should fail, Photocontrol Failsafe will take control of the light. Please see Technical Bulletin.
  • Classic Mode – Photocontrol Failsafe is not activated. If the photocontrol should fail the light will remain in the failed condition. Typically, a photocontrol fails in the ‘on’ position.

I have just disconnected the AreaMax from service using ConnectLED. Why is it flashing?

I have disconnected the AreaMax from service. Is it still drawing power?

I have just installed an AreaMax using ConnectLED. It is connected, but it is daytime. Why is it still on?

There is no photocontrol installed on my AreaMax. Shouldn’t it have a <sensor failure> message in the ConnectLED Find Lamps screen?

The AreaMax is on and doesn’t go off when I shine a light at the photocontrol. Why?

I am reusing the old photocontrol from my HPS fixture for my brand new AreaMax. I would like to test the photocontrol to make sure it is working fine. Won’t Photocontrol Failsafe influence the behavior of the photocontrol?

The photocontrol failed and the AreaMax is in Failsafe. What would happen if I were to change the photocontrol? Would that affect the ‘memory’ of what the fixture ‘learned’ the first time it was installed and connected?

I moved my AreaMax to a new location. Do I need to re-install it using ConnectLED?

I have anAreaMax lighting a corner bus stop. We just switched over to standard time from daylight savings time. Will my bus stop be in the dark at the end of day?

When I perform the “glove test” after installation, I’ve noticed a delay in the photocontrol energizing the AreaMax. Is this normal? My photocontrol looks different than it used to.

What is the DST setting in ConnectLED for?

How tight should I tighten the bolts when securing an AreaMax onto a mounting arm?


Who is your LED Supplier?

How do you ensure your products are safe and reliable?

Is the luminaire thermally managed?

What’s the expected L70 lifetime?

Can you provide an IES LM-79 test report?

What is the Power Factor of your fixture?

Are you a DOE Quality Advocate and do your products bear a Lighting Facts label?

Is the product ENERGY STAR labeled?

Do all LED luminaires require a special 'LED' grade, or 'Heavy Duty' photocontrol?

Does your warranty meet or exceed the payback period?