Meet Evluma’s new family of roadway cobrahead lights. RoadMax is a sleek, full-featured, utility-grade luminaire
designed to meet the needs of today’s utilities and today’s drivers.

Recommended Use

RoadMax is designed to replace HID cobraheads on multiple roadway types and across diverse applications. The RX1, with wattages ranging from 30-70W, is the first model released in the NEW roadway portfolio. With lumen outputs ranging from 3,000 to 8,900 lumens, the RX1 is recommended to replace 150W HID cobraheads.

Use for municipal streets, public roadways, campuses, industrial parks, parking lots and more!

Commanding Roadway Performance PLUS Effective Glare and Light Trespass Control

Recognizing that glare is a significant challenge in the roadway environment, RoadMax is designed to deliver industry-leading glare control without compromising performance. RoadMax’s revolutionary optical design makes nighttime roads more pleasant for drivers and residents. Evluma’s proprietary glass optics deliver crisp, precise, evenly distributed, and low-glare light.

Driven to Do More - RP-8-21

Disability glare (aka Blinding Glare) is glare that reduces visual performance and visibility. RoadMax offers an optional secondary Glare Control lens to further reduce glare. A light’s Veiling Luminance Ratio in a given environment indicates its ability to control Disability Glare. RoadMax provides superior roadway performance while meeting all RP-8-21 metrics for Uniformity and Veiling Luminance Ratio.

Controls & Photocontrol Failsafe

RoadMax has multiple options for controls including traditional 3-pin and 7-pin photocontrol sockets. Options to combine socket configuration with Evluma’s priority photocontrol, Photocontrol Failsafe and ConnectLED are also available.

Model Overview

Family Watts CCT TYPE Lens Config Photocontrol
RX13027K, 3K, 4K, 5KII, III, V+ glare controlIntegrated, 3-pin, 7-pin
RX14027K, 3K, 4K, 5KII, III, V+ glare controlIntegrated, 3-pin, 7-pin
RX15027K, 3K, 4K, 5KII, III, V+ glare controlIntegrated, 3-pin, 7-pin
RX16027K, 3K, 4K, 5KII, III, V+ glare controlIntegrated, 3-pin, 7-pin
RX17027K, 3K, 4K, 5KII, III, V+ glare controlIntegrated, 3-pin, 7-pin

RoadMax IES Files



Wireless Controls For All Evluma Products

Enhance your energy efficiency with dimming and custom brightness settings, as well as reduce your maintenance costs with connect/disconnect functions.
Now available for Android phones!



Rethinking LED In All Directions

Emulating the light center and size of HID bulbs used in decorative light fixtures, the OmniMax omnidirectional decorative luminaire replacement lamp utilizes a novel light engine design and revolutionary optics.


  • 20kV/10kA Category High C surge protection
  • 120-277 – VAC 60hz
  • L70 (TM-21) >100,000 hrs
  • Glass optics
  • Enclosed, 2-bolt mounting bracket
  • Tool-less access panel
  • Easy-access, 3-positon terminal block
  • Wildlife guard
  • Rugged, powder-coated aluminum housing
  • Thermal protection circuity
  • Bubble level


  • Secondary lens for Glare Control
  • FAO (Field Adjustable Output) wattage selector
  • Photocontrol Failsafe
  • ConnectLED compatibility
  • Evluma integrated photocontrol
  • Leads: 6’, 10’, 20’
  • NEMA label
  • Light trespass shields
  • Colors: Black, Bronze, Grey
  • Coastal Package (anti-corrosion) 


The RoadMax has a 10-year Warranty.