ConnectLED™ - Maintenance Savings Wireless Controls

ConnectLED™ is a software application that communicates with Evluma lamps and luminaires via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). Available on Evluma provisioned Android Tablets, from the Apple App store, or for Windows laptops, maintenance personnel can service Evluma lighting products without having to touch the pole.

Dimming and custom brightness settings enhance energy savings and quickly resolve light trespass. Reduce maintenance costs with connect/disconnect functions and Faultcast™ status broadcast. Every Evluma lighting product comes with the ability to communicate via ConnectLED at any point during ownership.

License Options

There are three license options for ConnectLED™ : BASIC, PROMO & ENTERPRISE.

BASIC license allows you to connect/disconnect an unlimited number of AreaMax luminaires from service, send event history and license information to Evluma and view lamp information.

ENTERPRISE license gives you full control over dimming settings and maximum brightness, plus BASIC functionality for an unlimited number of luminaires.

PROMO license provides the full functionality of ENTERPRISE, but to a pre-specified number of lamps.

Functionality Overview

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