OmniMax - rethinking LED in all directions

Emulating the light center and size of HID bulbs used in decorative light fixtures, the OmniMax omnidirectional LED replacement lamp utilizes an Evluma novel light engine design and revolutionary optics. Dramatically smaller than typical 'corn cob' style retrofits this compact 'smart' lamp delivers a diffuse pleasing light in a choice of color temperatures.

Recommended Use

Replace 70-175W HID bulbs with either a 40W or 70W OmniMax. For use in enclosed decorative or pedestrian light fixtures, the OmniMax is ideal for streetscapes, plazas, waterfronts, pathways or parks.

Evluma has built its reputation on reliable and easy-to-install retrofits. Wiring around, or removing the legacy ballast is required prior to permanent installation.

Photocontrol Failsafe™

Evluma innovation solves photocontrol failures with Photocontrol Failsafe. All OmniMax leave the factory programmed for the general location of the end user. Over time, the input from the photocontrol calibrates the OmniMax to its unique location and lighting conditions. Should the photocontrol fail, the OmniMax will continue to cycle based on the information it has collected eliminating a maintenance visit and guaranteeing continuous operation. OmniMax Photocontrol Failsafe requires the use of a fail-on photocontrol.

Standard (option) vs. Premium

Evluma offers the OmniMax in two basic configurations, Standard and Premium. All configurations offer the same electrical performance, lumen maintenance and warranty.  Order the Standard option if your lights run on a controlled circuit or you have no need for Photocontrol Failsafe. Standard models do not contain Bluetooth and are not compatible with ConnectLED.


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