Co-op Tech: A Bright Idea. LED Change-out Helps Tanner Electric on Truck Rolls, Bottom Line

Evluma was featured in the March 2017 issue of RE Magazine in the Co-op Tech section.

Tanner Electric chooses AreaMax for neighborhood lighting project and estimates payback in 5 years.

Tanner Electric Cooperative prides itself on being a good corporate neighbor to the 4,700 or so consumer-members it serves in the suburbs east of Seattle. But that neighborliness sometimes comes at a price, and the co-op’s generous but increasingly cumbersome and costly policy on outdoor lighting was a clear example.

The co-op maintains neighborhood lighting under a range of ownership and operating agreements with homeowners groups, municipalities, and neighborhood associations throughout its service territory. Varying provisions covering who owns what can complicate their helpful approach, but those questions are generally manageable.

More aggravating, and expensive, was the mish-mash of lights themselves: a bewildering array of energy-hungry halogen and mercury vapor fixtures, differing ballasts, and balky, temperamental photosensor controls that required all-too-frequent servicing. READ MORE AT RE MAGAZINE.

Link to downloadable document.

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