Evluma’s New LED Roadway Luminaire, RoadMax RX2, Replaces 150-400W HID Cobraheads

Evluma expands their roadway product line with a new low-glare luminaire, the RoadMax RX2. With a lumen output up to 28,000 lumens, the LED RX2 is positioned to assist municipalities and utilities retire inefficient and maintenance-intensive legacy HID cobraheads.

Renton, WA…Evluma announces the next major release in the RoadMax roadway luminaire line, the RX2. Positioned to replace 150-400W HID cobraheads, the RX2 sits between the lower-wattage RX1, released in 2022, and the forthcoming high-wattage RX3 in size.

Ranging from 8,000 to 28,000 lumens, the 70-220 watt RX2 will satisfy rigorous streetlight requirements while slashing energy use in half. “The versatility of this one offering reduces the number of SKUs a roadway lighting program might have to stock. It simplifies things,” stated Senior Product Manager Jason Dobbs.“ Multiple luminaire configurations for Type II, Type III and Type V, all with zero-uplight (U0), are offered. “The RoadMax product line now replaces any HID cobrahead up to 400 watts with just two housing sizes. Consistent product design across models also provides aesthetic continuity.”

Like the RX1, the precision primary optics are designed to address Disability Glare while achieving maximum pole spacing.  The RX2 is also equipped with optional secondary lenses for enhanced glare control; light trespass shields offer spill light curtailment. Evluma recently authored a white paper on LED Streetlight Glare, Causes and Solutions. “Reducing brightness and installing a secondary lens are two ways to combat Disability Glare. With an FAO (Field Adjustable Output) and secondary lens options, RoadMax offers both,” stated National Sales Director Chris Lubeck.

RoadMax can be customized to include Evluma’s Photocontrol Failsafe, a patented technology that solves photocontrol failures on street and area lights. Compatibility with ConnectLED, Evluma’s Bluetooth app for wireless lighting controls, enables dimming and dimming schedules without the need for a network. Evluma’s comprehensive 10-year warranty and signature 20kV/10kA surge protection comes standard with every model.

Preview the RX2 at TechAdvantage, March 6-9, 2023, in Nashville, TN.

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