Customer Feedback Guides New Evluma LED Product: The Clearlight Beacon

Seattle – August 17, 2010. Seattle based LED Lighting Manufacturer, Evluma, went straight to their customer base for the inspiration behind the Clearlight Beacon, a powerful, new 55W member of the Clearlight line of LED replacement luminaires for dusk-till-dawn fixtures. Evluma spent months in the field with over 20 different electrical cooperatives and municipalities during the development of this soon to be released product.

Evluma sent a cross section of prototype Clearlight Beacons to customers for evaluation and selected the final configuration based on the feedback. While the higher wattage LED driver remained consistent, several different LED color temperatures and candela distribution patterns were compared. “We can’t thank our current and potential customers enough for their candor and insight regarding what would make a suitable replacement for their legacy MV and HPS bulbs,” said David Tanonis, VP of Sales & Marketing. “Working with a new technology, such as LEDs, permits us to rethink existing applications and fixtures to create a variety of energy-efficient solutions.”

The 55W / 120V Clearlight Beacon is a mogul base, direct screw-in replacement similar to the 40W Clearlight Wide Optic, which Evluma will re-christen the EcoSpot. “When comparing these two products you’ll see that the 40W EcoSpot delivers a very controlled, full-cut off ‘spot’ of light with exceptional energy efficiency. Customers requiring a wider wash of light, for remote rural areas or streetlights, chose the Beacon,” said Mr. Tanonis. Preliminary tests confirm the Beacon to have the highest LPW of any Clearlight and a CCT of 4100°K. LM-79 data will be published prior to Evluma taking orders in September 2010.

Among the co-ops and municipalities that participated in the Beacon evaluation were: Otsego Electric Coop, NY, Delaware County Cooperative, NY, Oneida Madison Coop, NY, Steuben Electric Coop, NY, City of Independence, IA, City of Greenport, NY, City of Colman, SD, City of Grand Haven, MI, Village of Sherburne, NY, Highline Electric Association, CO, Sangre De Cristo Electric Association, CO, Parke County REMC, IN, Black River Electric Cooperative, Inc., SC, Fayetteville PWC, NC, Southern Indiana Power, IN, Central Indiana Power, IN, Hoosier Energy Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc, IN, Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc., SC, Santee Cooper, SC, SMECO, MD, and NOVEC, VA.

This preliminary announcement of the Clearlight Beacon comes at a time when many states and municipalities are seeking to ban the use of environmentally hazardous Mercury Vapor bulbs. “As a simple screw-in replacement, the Clearlight can help relieve the unnecessary maintenance burden that comes with replacing an entire fixture,” said Mr. Tanonis.

The Clearlight Beacon will be on display at APPA Customer Connections Conference and at NWPAA’s Innovation Conference.

About Evluma
Evluma is a division of Express Imaging Systems, LLC a small business with over 150 years of combined experience developing lighting applications for photographic equipment and the photofinishing industry. Formed in 2008, Evluma is committed to developing environmentally low impact lighting solutions that are affordable and long lasting.

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