Dogs, Lights, and Commendable Volunteers – Evluma donates AreaMax to Shed Light on Adopt-a-Pet Volunteer Dog Shelter

Due to many undesirable scenarios, dogs are left abandoned or treated poorly. Adopt-a-Pet has dedicated their efforts to address these unfortunate situations by providing much needed veterinary care, food, and a route to a loving home since 1979, with a spay/neuter program beginning in 1985. Today, Adopt-a-Pet relies on contributions from its community to continue these commendable efforts.

Supported by seventy-one members and thirty-seven volunteers, Adopt-a-Pet’s operations are often hindered during the evening hours when natural light fades. This is most exacerbated during the winter months when Adopt-a-Pot’s location of Shelton, Washington receives only around eight hours of daylight.

Recognizing the challenge, Evluma, in collaboration with Steve Mills of Cascadia McLaren, donated three AreaMax lights to Adopt-a-Pet. These AreaMax have enhanced the much-needed illumination to their outdoor working space and enclosed yards where the pets roam and play, providing safer and longer hours of operation.

Dennis Simon expressed his gratitude by stating “The difference it has made is incredible for working the dark hours.”

While the AreaMax have elevated the illumination of Adopt-a-Pet’s grounds, more are required to achieve sufficient illumination. Evluma has pledged to donate two more AreaMax to reach this goal.

If you wish to contribute the Adopt-a-Pet’s efforts, please visit Adopt-a-Pet’s website which describes 10 ways to support their cause. One can provide a monetary donation, become a volunteer, or give one of their dogs a loving home. You can also support them by following their social channels Instagram and Facebook.

Please reach out to [email protected] for questions or [email protected] for volunteering related inquiries.

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