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Evluma Employees Giving Back to their Communities with Sponsored Volunteer Days

Evluma recognizes the profound impact that volunteering and non-profit organizations have on enhancing the well-being and safety of communities. In light of this, Evluma offers its employees the opportunity to dedicate 8 hours of volunteer service each year without any financial sacrifice. Moreover, employees are empowered to choose and support 501(c)(3) non-profit programs or organizations that resonate with their personal values. Here are a few remarkable instances showcasing how Evluma employees have made a positive impact on their communities.

In Seattle, an annual event called the Day of Service brings together numerous volunteers to contribute their time and efforts. On May 20th, this year’s event witnessed an impressive turnout of over 4,000 volunteers who offered their assistance at 160 locations scattered across the Seattle area. Among those volunteers were Ashley, Amazaday, and Don from Evluma.

Ashley and Amazaday, along with 10 others, were assigned to clean Van Asselt Park, as well-maintained parks enhance the quality of life for nearby residents, especially when an elementary school is situated in close proximity. Their act amassed gratitude from pedestrians. “They said how being able to visit a clean park really helps their mood and mental health” stated Ashley. Amazaday followed “They also mentioned they bring their children to the park often and help pick up trash with their kids.”

Meanwhile, Don was assigned to the Interurban Trail North, a multiuse trail catering to the needs of walkers, runners, and cyclists, serving both recreational and practical purposes. Accompanied by 10 fellow volunteers and a coordinator, Don embarked on his service journey.

Similar to Ashley and Amazaday, Don received expressions of gratitude from those he encountered during his service. However, one particular encounter stood out. “A young, homeless guy was pushing an overflowing shopping cart of his belongings down the trail. When he saw what was going on, he stopped and asked me if he could help along his way. For his effort, he got a garbage bag, T-shirt, grabber stick, and a donut and he continued down the trail.” This encounter served as a reminder of the profound impact that even a small act of kindness can have on individuals facing adversity.

Evluma employees have a history of engaging in impactful volunteer work. For instance, John worked with the Washington Trails Association to build a new trail in Sharpe Park. Cathleen dedicated her time to constructing a remarkable 90-foot dynamic color-change light wall in collaboration with Light for Life and park clean up days at Prospect Park. Wayne raised funds for an initiative in Atlanta, successfully providing meals for 200 families on Thanksgiving Day. This endeavor was achieved through a partnership with a local food bank and the Southwest Ecumenical Emergency Assistance Center (SWEEAC). Lastly, Carlee gives her time to Renton Reach every Friday night, outside of business hours, providing meals for the community. These examples of dedication demonstrate the wide-ranging contributions Evluma employees make to their communities.

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