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Evluma Honored with 2023 LED Magazine BrightStar Award

Renton, WA – LED lighting manufacturer Evluma announced today that its RoadMax RX1 roadway luminaire was recognized for innovation with an LEDs Magazine BrightStar Award. A panel of judges from the LED, lighting design and manufacturing community recognized Evluma as an honoree.

“On behalf of the LEDs Magazine BrightStar Awards panel, I would like to congratulate Evluma on their high-scoring honoree status,” said LEDs Magazine Editorial Director Wanda Lau. “This competitive program allows LEDs Magazine to celebrate and recognize the most innovative products of the past year that are advancing LED and solid-state lighting technology into various applications.”

Evluma’s debut roadway luminaire, RoadMax RX1, combines precision roadway performance with industry-leading glare control allowing end users to meet RP-8-21 guidelines – including Veiling luminance metrics – while maintaining exceptional pole spacing. “For end users concerned with Disability Glare, meeting RP-8-21 and achieving an efficient use of existing poles and roadway infrastructure, this is a game changing luminaire and is a significant advancement over existing competitive products,” said Don Vendetti, CEO of Evluma.

With the 2022 release, the RX1 was available in 30-70 watts and recommended to replace 70-150 watt HPS legacy fixtures. Features include Type II, Type III and Type V distributions, field adjustable wattage selector and 20kV/10kA surge protection. Unique options include Evluma’s Photocontrol Failsafe, which eliminates truck rolls for photocontrol failures, and ConnectLED; Evluma’s Bluetooth app for wireless lighting controls, which enables dimming and dimming schedules without the need for control nodes and a lighting network. In addition, Evluma’s innovative light trespass shields provide flexible control of light trespass and Discomfort Glare at multiple angles while maintaining zero uplight and no impact to the luminaire’s EPA. In 2023, Evluma released the RX1 in 80-100 watts and just recently announced the release of the RX2 ranging 70-220 watts and recommended to replace HID cobraheads up to 400 watts.

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LEDs Magazine’s BrightStar Awards program is focused on recognizing five key factors — performance, reliability, efficiency, ease of integration/use, and innovation — in the design of LED-based lighting products and components, materials, systems, and applications. Visit the BrightStar Awards portal for more information about the program.

About Evluma

Formed in 2008, Evluma is committed to developing affordable, long-lasting and environmentally low-impact LED lighting solutions that fundamentally change the landscape of the outdoor utility lighting market. Evluma’s high standard of customer service plus its background in innovative lighting technologies and software creatively influences the design of its utility-grade products. Evluma is located in Renton, WA.

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