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Intuitive iOS Wireless Controls for Evluma Luminaires. Managing LED Lighting is Easy.

Utility lighting programs unlock savings and service with Evluma’s ConnectLED™ Apple iOS app for LED Luminaires AreaMax™ and OmniMax™.

Evluma releases the popular ConnectLED™ wireless controls platform for Apple iOS, available on the Apple Apps Store starting on January 18, 2017. New streamlined, intuitive lighting controls bring maintenance and service efficiencies to utilities using iPhone 5 (or higher), iPad Mini, Air or Pro with iOS 8 (or higher) in the field. Developed by leading LED technology company Evluma, the Bluetooth-based ConnectLED app works with all Evluma LED lamps and luminaires. License packs are offered with Basic or Enterprise capabilities. A special promotion is available to current users of ConnectLED (Android) that wish to implement the iOS version.

“Linemen are increasingly connected; utilities expect lighting programs to deliver benefits beyond energy efficiency and demand that controls be intuitive and on point,” said Cathleen Shattuck, Evluma Marketing Director. Since 2012, Evluma has offered wireless controls for the AreaMax™ family of LED street and area lights, first offered for Windows then expanding to Android in 2013. The ability to disconnect lights during the transfer of service, adjust overall brightness and set dimming schedules remotely is appreciated by both utilities and their customers. “Evluma first developed ConnectLED in response to a utility request. We’ve been building functionality and ease-of-use with this robust service tool ever since.”

Limited Time Android Exchange Offer

For a limited time, current users of ConnectLED for Android can exchange their Basic or Enterprise licenses for a free year of the iOS equivalent. ConnectLED for Apple allows utility IT administrators to create and manage their own users.

ConnectLED also works with the OmniMax™, Evluma’s latest LED lamp, an easy-to-install decorative retrofit designed to emulate the look of a legacy HID bulb and leverage fixture optics with the distinct improvements in visibility, CCT and long life that only LED can offer. ConnectLED operates independently of Evluma’s Photocontrol Failsafe™ which guarantees continuous dusk-to-dawn illumination regardless of photocontrol failure, but can be used to update lamp location and monitor Photocontrol Failsafe status. New customers trying either the AreaMax or the OmniMax for the first time may qualify for a promotional ConnectLED license adding value to pilot programs.

About Evluma

Formed in 2008, Evluma is committed to developing affordable, long-lasting and environmentally low-impact LED lighting solutions that fundamentally change the landscape of the outdoor utility lighting market. Evluma’s high standard of customer service and background in innovative lighting technologies, automation and software design creatively ideate and inform it’s Made in Washington products.

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